Soccer Betting Tips

What are the best sites to get soccer betting tips?

If you’re serious about sports betting, the very first thing you should do is to invest time and money into your tips. Most rookie bettors make this mistake thinking they already know the best.

But in most situations, they aren’t even aware of how much they don’t know. But worry not! We bring you the list of best sites to get soccer betting tips.


Bet Fame is a popular soccer betting tips website focused on the quality of the user input. The site itself is very well designed, offering beautiful user experience and intuition when moving through different parts of the website.

Obviously, the most crucial section of the website is the “Tipsters” tab. Here you have various tipsters, and the necessary split is between junior and senior tipsters. Junior tipsters are the ones whose tips you can see for free! That’s right, log in to your account, and you’ll have a daily dose of free tips from junior tipsters.

Don’t let the name fool you even though they are junior tipsters. They still offer some fantastic insight. This is assured by a critical piece of a feature of the website where you can check stats of every tipster, making sure you’re choosing the best there is.

Senior tipsters are the ones with paid tips, but just like with junior tipsters, you can see their detailed stats before choosing to go premium and follow one of them.

Other than a variety of tipsters, Bet Fame also has the Livescores section, and live odds. All of this ensures that you don’t even have to leave the website to find everything you need for betting – it’s all under one roof.


Sports Prediction offers a variety of options that you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere else. You have tipsters, some of whose tips you can see for free daily. Not only that, but you can check out the full tipping history of a sure tipster. This transparent outlook on things seems revolutionary and make the most out of it.

What makes Sports Prediction so great is that you have plenty of features all in one website. There’s the “Soccer News” tab where you have everything you need to keep up with soccer news, including managerial changes, latest transfers, results, etc. With the Livescores tab, you can check out the current and previous events to compare all the results you need.

Live odds come as the cream of the crop, and you can decide which betting website suits you the most with their odds for each match, making this experience even better than it already is.

No matter which of these you pick, there’s a small chance for failure. Both offer some fantastic tipsters, and both give you free tips daily. Keeping it all under one roof, they both have the latest updates, news, as well as live scores and live odds. Taking all of this into account, Bet Fame and Sports Prediction are hard to beat in terms of all-round coverage and tips quality.

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