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Best websites to get your football betting tips

There is an increasing number of websites offering football betting tips, but not all of them can be trusted. To ease your search, we have selected three industry-leading, trustworthy sites where you can get your football betting tips.

SportsPrediction Asia

Highly regarded as one of the leading football betting tips websites in Asia, SportsPrediction Asia has thousands of betting tips to choose from, covering football matches, leagues, and tournaments from all corners of the globe.

SportsPrediction Asia offers numerous daily free football betting tips that you can access as long as you have signed up and registered on their platform. Beyond the free tips, there are a huge number of verified tipsters offering their services for a range of prices.

These tipsters may spread their tips and knowledge across multiple football leagues, while others focus their efforts on one league or nation.

SportsPrediction Asia provides a host of statistics for each of their tipsters so you can see exactly how each tipster is performing, with stats on areas like total bets, average stake, and overall ROI.

The tipsters are also ranked in leaderboards based on their category: Junior Tipster (those who offer free tips), Senior Tipster, Premium Tipster, and Bundle Tipster.


SoccerTipsters is another industry-leading service that provides football betting tips. With football betting tips from nearly every league or competition in the world, SoccerTipster is home to hundreds of expert tipsters who have dedicated their time to become authorities on various football teams and leagues, so you know that their tips have been provided after plenty of analysis and research.

Once you have registered on their website, you can access SoccerTipster’s daily free tips which are provided by their team of Junior Tipsters, but if you want to pay for your football betting tips, you have a range of options available. You will notice in the Tipster section, Senior Tipsters, Premium Tipsters, and Bundle Tipsters – these football betting tips can be accessed once you have paid a tipster for their service.

SoccerTipster does not take your business lightly and understands how important it is to trust a tipster, particularly when spending money, so they provide a huge range of stats covering the performances of their tipsters.

There is also Live Odds and Live Scores section on the website, so you can stay up-to-date with any changes to the markets and react accordingly.


While the previous two tipster services operate on similar guidelines, with free football betting tips provided by Junior Tipsters and a range of paid-for tips offered by Senior, Premium, and Bundle Tipsters, BigTipster has a slightly different setup.

Still offering daily free football betting tips; BigTipster offers premium tips in two categories: single tips or package tips. To access single tips, you simply pay a tipster for a one-off tip, while the package tips will see you pay for a bundle of 30 tips.

Again, like the other recommended tipsters platforms on this list, BigTipster is very heavy on stats to ensure that you know exactly what you are paying for and how well each tipster is performing.

BigTipster also has Live Scores and Live Odds sections on their website, ensuring you stay in the loop with any shifts in the market or any changes during football games.

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