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Here are the best places to get premium soccer tips

There are countless websites and services selling soccer tips, but only a few can be considered trustworthy and reliable. The most important factor when deciding to pay for premium soccer tips, and therefore placing your trust in soccer tipsters, is to know that they are verified.

Too many tipsters promise incredible results but cannot support their claims with facts and figures. So if you decide to pay for soccer tips, it’s vital to know the best places to go – where every tipster is verified, and their full history can be accessed and accounted for.

Here are two industry-leading websites that provide premium soccer tips from registered and verified tipsters.


With hundreds of verified tipsters operating on its platform, BetFame has established itself as one of the leading resources for premium soccer tips. Once you have signed up and registered on their platform, you will have direct access to their free daily tips – provided by their Junior Tipsters – which are always a welcome extra.

However, for premium tips (those you need to pay for), BetFame has three different tiers: Senior Tipster, Premium Tipster, and Bundle Tipster.

Each Tipster category has its leaderboard in order of Profits, while numerous date ranges can be applied to see performance over a certain time: This Week, This Month, Last 3 Months, Last 6 Months, This Year, All Time.

Senior Tipsters are the first level of paid-for tips on BetFame, and therefore their tips are the cheapest to buy and are purchased as single tips. The next level up is the Premium Tipsters – these are the most expensive single tips to buy on BetFame, and while they are undoubtedly more costly than Senior Tipsters, Premium Tipsters have earned their places on this level through a sustained period of success.

The third and final option for premium soccer tips on BetFame is with the Bundle Tipsters. These tipsters offer a bundle of premium tips to purchase, normally seven credits or 30 credits.

When spending money on premium soccer tips, it’s vital to know who you are handing your money to, which is why Bet Fame displays all of the necessary performance statistics for all of their tipsters – including total tips, total profit, average odds, total stakes, hit rate percentage, and ROI.


Just like BetFame, SportsTrade has a stringent process to ensure all of the tipsters on their platform are fully verified, ensuring no scams are operating on their website.

SportsTrade also works on four different tiers, with Junior Tipsters offering free tips, and Senior, Premium and Bundle Tipsters providing premium soccer tips that vary in price. Similarly to BetFame, SportsTrade’s cheapest single tip tipsters are the Senior Tipsters and the more expensive are the Premium Tipsters. Again, the Bundle Tipsters provide both 7-credit and 30-credit packages for their soccer tips.

SportsTrade prides itself on its transparency, so all relevant statistics pertaining to their tipsters’ performances can be easily accessed on their profiles. That way, you know how well a certain tipster has performed before you decide to split with your cash for their services.

There are also sections dedicated to Live Scores and Live Odds, so you can keep on top of any changes to soccer matches as they happen as well as shifts in the odds and betting markets.

SportsTrade also has a Blog section providing the both latest news from the around the world of football and betting guides to help you make informed betting decisions. These guides are extremely helpful even if you choose to pay for premium tips as they can provide you with greater knowledge and therefore help in your search for tipsters you wish to work with.

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