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Understand BTTS in Soccer Betting

Why is it important to back both teams in a soccer game. And what does it mean by that?

Explaining the BTTS bet to our soccer fans

Backing Both Teams to score, is also known as the BTTS to soccer betting fans, is one of the most popular markets in football betting and scores in soccer.

As the name of the bet suggests, a punter is required to guess whether both sides will manage to score goals in the average time of a game.

Normally, a BTTS has two options – Yes and No.

If you put your money on the ‘Yes’ option, that means that you are backing both sides to score in the game. The outcome of the game doesn’t matter in the bet.

As long as both sides have failed to keep clean sheets, then you stand to win the bet.

If you have picked the No option, then you are backing either one or both sides to fail to score in the game. Hence, a goalless draw will also be counted as a winner in this bet.

BTTS is one of the favorite markets of football lovers due to its simplicity. In some games, it’s hazardous to bet on the match result market but is quite a safe bet in the Both Teams to Score market instead.

There are a couple of ways you can go about betting on the BTTS market. Identify teams that like to play attacking football and don’t care much about defense, whenever two such teams place each other.

It’s advisable to back the Yes option in the BTTS bet.

For example, Liverpool and Arsenal are two attacking sides. And more often than not, their games end with both teams finding the net.

In fact, ten out of the last thirteen meetings between these two sides have ended with both sides finding the net.

Another approach is to identify sides which hardly score goals. One perfect example of what we are talking about is Huddersfield Town of this season.

The Terriers have been terrible on the attacking front this season, and they hardly ever score. A look at their previous results will tell you that they have failed to score in nine of their last 11 games.

Hence, BTTS – NO bet has come true in nine of Huddersfield’s last 11 games.

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